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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Judith Pannebaker

Happy 2016, Bandera! Did you make any new year's resolutions? Lose weight, hug your wife or husband every day, save money, volunteer in your church or in some cause - the list of possibilities goes on. My resolution is to pray more and seek a deeper relationship with Jesus and my heavenly Father. Like you, I am aware that this nation is in trouble in a world filled with wars and dangers, and we are in great need of heavenly help. On the bright side, heavenly help is available, and I don't know of another community that helps one another more than right here in Bandera County.
We are led by a child: a young child brought all of his change to the Salvation Army kettle last month with a note saying he wanted to help some other family that needed it. I call that a tear- jerker.
Helping Hand reopened Monday, Jan. 4, and we are back in business to help families in crisis. Some families came in last week, two families needing help to put propane in their empty tanks. Six others came in for help to keep their electricity from being turned off.
In one family needing electricity, both husband and wife are disabled. She was in a wheel chair and their car had broken down. The husband was caretaker for his wife. We helped with their electric bill.
In the Tranquility Garden, some have already started using our low impact therapeutic walk-around. We are waiting for completion in other areas before we can announce an official opening date.
A Precious Minds parent training class is now underway at the Children's Home outside of Medina.
An anonymous group of ladies sewed and donated afghan blankets that we gave to residents of the Cedar Creek Nursing Center.
Helping Hand, our Thrift Store, Furniture Barn, and walking trail in the Tranquility Garden are located at 1116 12th Street in Bandera. Mailing address is PO Box 1092, Bandera, TX 78003. Call us at 830-796-8300. All donations are tax deductible.