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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Bad news

Feather Wilson

What would happen if a 6-mile diameter asteroid hit Houston?
Besides creating a giant hole that would cover all of 12 counties, it would kill every person on Earth. We would be blown away in a firestorm and starvation. Every tree, house, building, car, truck and bush in Bandera County would immediately disappear.
Medina Lake would instantly become plume of steam moving northwest at a 1,000-miles per hour.
You may think this is just a bad movie plot. The only problem is that it has already happened.
The 65-million-year old hills and valleys of Bandera County were caught in a fire storm.
A 6-mile diameter asteroid smashed into the shallow Cretaceous Yucatan Peninsula at a speed of 45,000 miles per hour.
A four hundred-foot tsunami wave smashed across the Gulf of Mexico and onto the Texas coast as far north as San Antonio. Bandera County was barely spared.
The explosion killed all of the dinosaurs and all of the rest of the larger animals. The fire and dust covered the entire world. Our small mammal ancestors survived buried in holes.
What are the odds this will happen again?
The longer period of time between then and now, brings us closer to the same catastrophic scenario.
We may be able to divert a 6-mile asteroid, if we can spot it a few years in advance.
Diversion might be accomplished by slowing down or speeding it up, via a gravitational tug or push from a space ship.
An alternative method might be setting a ship down on its surface and firing retro rockets.
NASA is the only scientific entity that could ever attempt such a diversion and now 38 percent of NASA's Earth budget is threatened by a beloved group of Washington politicians.
Happy New Year!

Weekly Rainfall = 0.53" Cumulative Rainfall = 39.44"
Departure From Normal = +3.66"
Tarpley Glen Rose WL = -32.12'
Bandera Hosston WL = -437.75'
Hondo Creek Flow = 18.00 cfs
Medina (USGS) Flow = 120.00 cfs
Medina (USGS) Lake = -16.23'
High (F°) = 80º
Low (F°) = 29º
12-29-15 @ 8:00 am