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Thursday December 14, 2017
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'Welcome to Medicare' at Silver Sage

Amy Hawley

Silver Sage Community Center will host a "Welcome to Medicare" informative session by the Alamo Area Council of Government (AACOG) and Alamo Area Agency on Aging located in San Antonio. The presentation will begin at 10 am, Wednesday, Feb. 10.
Topics will be coverage included in Medicare Part A and Part B; Medicare Part D and prescription drug and pharmacy networks; how Medigap policies and Medicare Advantage Plans work; and extra help programs and assistance with premiums and copays. Enrollment periods and the steps to enroll will also be discussed.
This event is an informational session only and no plan specific benefits or details will be shared.
Silver Sage is located at 803 Buck Creek Drive near Bandera High School.
For more information about this event, call 1-866-231-4922 or Amy Hawley at 830-796-4969.