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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Keeping time

Feather Wilson

How long have you been counting to ten or above with your fingers?
The world mainly uses a numerical system based upon your ten fingers.
Furthermore the ancient Egyptians 3,500 years ago based the 12 months upon the 12 lunar cycles that occur each year. As the Moon moves further away from the Earth, the annual calendar may change, millions of years into the future.
But for now, your fingers and the Moon govern Earth time as it rotates around the Sun every 365 days.
The Egyptians were very innovative and they invented the first clock or time piece about 3,400 years ago. The clock was based upon a pot of water slanted to such a degree that it allowed to tip each 12-hour period.
They also invented the first Sundial about the same time frame which consisted of stakes pounded into the ground with a circular scale.
The Egyptians divide the day and the night into 12 parts of light and dark based upon the mysteries of the rotation of the Earth on its spin axis.
The Babylonians and the Greeks had previously invented time measurement based upon the base 60 copying the Sumerians. This system failed to make sense to most humans. However they did accept 60 seconds and 60 minutes as a historic compromise.
The first mechanical clocks were invented by the Europeans in the 1300s which we all still use today.
Today, astronomers base time on light years. In other words light traveling at the rate 186,000 miles per second reach a point in a 365-day year after traveling 5,865,696,000,000 miles in space.
They describe other solar systems that are near Earth as "only" 12 light years away. Present day telescopes can only reach back and view fossil light that is about 14-billion years old.
When you lie in your hammock on a clear summer's night, you are staring at fossil light and fossil stars that began to travel to your eyes billions of years ago. Time is a strange phenomenon.

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