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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Darby reels in winner

Charles Prokop

Some winning rounds of golf leave a player strutting off the 18th green, bragging about long birdie putts and great approach shots. Other rounds may be just as good on the scorecard but leave a player feeling like an 8-pound bass slipped off the line at the last second.
Ron Darby had one of those great rounds that should have felt better at the last Good Old Boys tournament. Darby, who spends the cold months in Bandera and the warm months in Lubbock, struck the ball wonderfully on his way to an 8-point round of 76. He hit green after green in regulation but his golf ball was afraid of the dark and veered away from the hole time after time. In fact, it wasn't until the14th hole that Darby finally cashed in with a birdie.
Darby walked off the 18th green with a great round, but I can personally attest that he remembered the birdie putts that refused to fall more than he remembered his many great shots. However, I'm sure the winner's envelope he receives when he visits the pay window will assuage Darby's disappointment.
Sam Martin of Lakehills is no stranger to the leaderboard, and he kept his name front and center with an 81, good for 7 points. Jim Martin of Bandera and Roger Hill of Bandera and Veblen, South Dakota tied for third with 4 points. Martin shot 83 and Hill shot 87. Kenny Seurer, another South Dakota Banderan, shot 90 to tie the 4 points Boerne's Fritz Houston earned with a 94.
Ron Darby padded his bank account a little more by taking the closest to the hole prizes on numbers 2 and 12. Banderan Woody Clark was closest on number 7, and David Finger of Fair Oaks was closest on 17. There were 31 players in the field.