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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Amazing oil, gas

Feather Wilson

Most people don't realize that oil and gas are the only natural resources that separate us from horse drawn carriages, air conditioning, electricity, hide and hair clothing, abundant food, plastic, sub-standard housing, 6,000 every day products, early death and many medicines.
Yet these same people curse and ridicule the very industry that puts clothes on their backs and tires on their cars. Yes, Virginia, most of your clothes are derived from oil, gas and mixed with cotton grown with methane based fertilizers.
Oil and gas are magic mixtures of carbon and hydrogen derived from fossil life forms.
It may come as surprise to you that carbon and hydrogen are two major constituents of your body. You may be just a walking-talking barrel of hydrocarbons and oxygen.
Prior to discovery and production of oil in 1859 in Pennsylvania, life was relatively primitive compared to 2015.
The population of the Earth in 1859 was less than one billion people. Today the Earth's population is approximately seven billion thanks to the "curse" or "miracle" of oil and gas.
The ink letters on this column are derived from oil.
Most of the parts in your dish washer are derived from oil
Your soap, eye glasses, plates, perfumes, hair coloring, lipstick, shoe polish, shower curtains, detergents, shaving cream, purses, dyes and yarn are made from oil and gas.
Oil is calculated in 42-gallon barrels. One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest of the barrel is transformed into more than 6,000 other products that you take for granted and use each day.
The 42-gallon barrel unit was derived from the wine barrels that John D. Rockefeller used to transport oil out of Pennsylvania to his newly minted Pittsburg refinery.
Texas oil was first discovered in surface seeps by the Indians in Nacogdoches County in East Texas thousands of years ago. The first Texas oil well was drilled near these seeps. The first big oil well was drilled between Houston and Beaumont from the top of a salt dome known as Spindle Top.

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