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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Meals on Wheels - food & more

Amy Hawley

Pictured: Courtesy photo
Honk and give a "thumb's up" when you see a driver delivering for Meals on Wheels.

Silver Sage Community Center, 803 Buck Creek Boulevard, serves as the sole provider of the Meals On Wheels program in Bandera County.
Meals are delivered weekdays throughout the county on six different routes - two in and around the City of Bandera with other routes being between Bandera and Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Medina and Utopia.
The meals, which make a huge difference in the lives of recipients, are delivered in vehicles provided by Silver Sage.
For many, these meals mean the difference between living independently in their own homes or having to be taken care of other ways. Not only do Meals on Wheels drivers deliver nutritious meals, but they also provide comfort to the clients who know that someone will be checking on them during the week. For some, this might be the only human contact they have.
The drivers come to look forward to seeing those on their routes because they do know that they are making such an impact on lives. That is their reward.
So, when you see a vehicle with a Meals On Wheels sign, think of the important task that these drivers have volunteered to do and the wonderful recipients who are being helped with a nutritious meal.