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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Finger plays a hot hand

Charles Prokop

"If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes." I've heard that old saw everywhere I've lived, even in places where I was amazed at the boring weather. Here in the Texas Hill Country you really don't have to wait long for a change in the weather.
Weather changes can have a major effect on golf. Touring pros hope and pray they get the good end of the draw at a tournament, because if your tee time is bad you can find yourself in a near impossible situation. A player with tee times in the morning of the first day and the afternoon of the second day of a tournament may play in balmy weather. But if a cold front blows in at noon of the first day, a player playing in the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second may fight high winds and cold temperatures both days.
The last Good Old Boys tournament was played on a day with rapidly changing weather. The morning dawned with calm winds and the warmest temperatures we'd seen in weeks. Players hit the course under ideal conditions, but the north wind began to blow and the temperature began to fall. It was a day to identify the real golfers in the crowd.
It takes more than a little wind to throw San Antonio's Jack Finger off his game, and although he may not like the cold (what boy from D'Hanis does?) he knows how to hang on in the face of tough conditions. In fact, a look at his scorecard shows that his hottest streak came just as the weather was turning. Finger birdied the tough 8th hole on his way to a 6-point round of 90 and first place in the tournament.
Bill Martinot hails from the frozen tundra of Flin-Flon, Manitoba, so it was a pleasant spring day for him. Martinot cruised to a score of 80 for 3 points. Bandera's Woody Clark certainly felt the cold a bit more than Martinot, but he managed a tie for second place with 3 points of his own from a score of 83. Bandera's Roy Rodriguez is able to play well in all conditions, and he took fourth place with an 81, good for 2 points.
Boerne's Walter Stroman hasn't played with the Good Old Boys for a while because he has been otherwise occupied chasing deer in South Texas. The layoff doesn't seem to have hurt Stroman's golf game. He picked up right where he left off and won medalist honors with a fine round of 79.
Sam Martin of Lakehills took the closest to the hole prize on number 2. Roger Hill, down from South Dakota for his regular winter in Bandera, won number 7. Bill Martinot kept his fine round going by winning number 12, and San Antonio's Tom McGuire won number 17. There were 28 players in the field.