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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Busy, busy, busy

Judith Pannebaker

By Bob Jamison

You can imagine how much catch-up traffic we had for food and clothes when we re-opened Monday, Jan. 5, after our Christmas vacation. It was a very busy first week.
We are always happy to help people going through some crisis in their life. We had several of these this past week.
• We quickly got the electricity turned back on in two cases. One couple made ends meet through the man working and his roommate paying the electric bill. The roommate moved out causing the electric bill to go unpaid, so their electricity had to be cut off. We helped them get their electricity back on. The other case involved one couple with two kids. The husband was laid off so they were not able to pay their electric bill. We also got that electricity turned back on.
• We had two new families move into Bandera, but needing help. One lady was escaping from a domestic abuse situation and she arrived with just the clothes on her back. We gave her a box of food and she picked out clothing she needed from our Thrift Store. In the other case, a man arrived thinking he had a job waiting for him, but it had been filled. He had family to stay with, and we gave him food and clothing.
• One lady with three children left her husband and took her children to live temporarily with a family member. She left her clothes and belongings behind. We gave her and each of the kids 3 sets of clothes and a number of fun toys for the kids to begin their new life.
• wo elderly ladies came in separately, each given a lift chair from our furniture barn.
Thank you Grace Lutheran Church for your food and cash donation.
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Helping Hand, or shop at our Thrift Store, come to 1116 12th Street in Bandera or mail to PO Box 1092, Bandera, TX 78003. Call us at 830- 796-8300.