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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Life, life & more life

Feather Wilson

Scientists are close to finding life on other planets and associated moons.
What will be the shock wave fallout?
Many people will morph into vociferous denial. Many will not be threatened or express surprise that life is essentially ubiquitous throughout the Universe.
The first hints of life have already been discovered on the planet Mars and the moons Titan and Europa.
Methane and other complex organic chemicals were discovered last month by the NASA Curiosity/Mars Science Lab in the water lain sediments of the Mar's Gale Crater.
Lakes of methane have been discovered on the surface of the moon Titan and in its atmosphere.
Red streaks of possible microbial life have been discovered on the surface of the moon Europa. A 60-mile deep liquid ocean appears to exist beneath a moving sheath of ice. The ocean's base may contain hot water volcanic vents that would harbor chemosynthetic life similar to Earth's deep ocean communities.
Life on the surface of Earth is dependent upon photosynthetic life or sunlight. Chemosynthetic life is dependent upon bacteria that live and thrive with no sunlight.
Note the NASA close-up photo of water born porous sedimentary cross-bedded Mars siltstone.
Methane is a byproduct of microbial life on Earth. Bacteria create copious amounts of methane which is dissipated in the atmosphere.
Methane rain and lakes on Titan are indicative of microbial life due to the fact that methane continues to be generated without dissipation.
These hints of life within our Solar System are backed up by microbial life on Earth.
There is more mass of life below the surface of the Earth than found on its surface. Microbes appear to live in extreme environments of heat and pressure and feed off of hydrocarbons, metals and non-metals. In other words they appear to live anywhere and eat anything.

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