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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Run for your lives!

Feather Wilson

Texas legislative sessions have met 83 times since the state was founded in 1845. The first session was held in 1846. The sessions meet every other year.
The 84th legislative session will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 at noon.
No one really knows what it will bring in the way of changes to state law, agency budgets, education, water, agriculture or oil and gas.
It is a new body with numerous freshmen and new leadership with limited experience. These factors could lead to some large changes or little or nothing outside of the special interests and lobbyist's efforts.
Surface water and groundwater legislation require complex knowledge and science. These subjects may be beyond the 84th body of Texas legislators.
The agencies that govern and guide research and regulation in the fields of water, groundwater and oil and gas may be subject to change.
Some of that change may come once again in budgetary cuts and perhaps a name change for the Texas Railroad
Commission to something to do with oil and gas. This agency has very little to do with railroads. Name changes can be difficult for some strange reason.
Cutting budgets make the legislators look good but do little for the local governmental bodies that are pushed into state mandated local spending with little or no funds. This generally results in little governing and nothing gets done except endless entertaining meetings.
The legislative votes and changes are fun to watch until the laws and budgets come to visit your community.
The 84th Texas legislative session ends Monday June 1, 2015.
Approximately 10,000 -11,000 House and Senate bills will be filed during the 84th session by 31 Texas Senators and 150 House members. That equates to about 60 bills per member in each session.
The bills that pass only amount to about half of the bills filed. Bills are already being filed (754) and if you are interested in any of the bills on any subject you may visit the following web site:

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