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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Nothing new under the sun...

Feather Wilson

The telescope was invented by a German optician in 1608.
An Italian professor, Galileo Galilei, modified the German invention around 1615 and built his own telescope.
Galileo knew about the Polish professor of mathematics that wrote a book about the Earth circling the Sun before he died in 1543. Professor Copernicus waited to publish his hypothesis until he faced death rather than face the wrath of his then radical calculations.
Galileo carefully investigated the Copernican theory with his newly constructed telescope. He came to a similar conclusion and published book on his research in the early 1600's at the University of Pisa.
A prominent and powerful conservative Italian religious group condemned his observations as well as Professor Copernicus previous calculations.
The familiar Italian Renaissance quotation at the time was "I am not a scientist, but...." was utilized as they placed Galileo under house arrest with copious amounts of ridicule. In 1992, 377 years after his publication, Galileo received an apology for the conservative mistake made in 1615.
A distant cousin, Dr. William Galilei, became a professor at a prominent Texas University in 2014.
Dr. Galilei received his PhD in climate studies. He began his research centering on Texas Climate Change. He assigned his graduate students to various branches of the subject.
Dr. Galilei and his students delved deeply into the evidence for and against the Texas Climate Change subject. This led the students to all of the world wide evidence far beyond the Texas borders.
They found evidence of melting sea ice and glaciers in the northern hemisphere. They found evidence of carbon dioxide levels higher than they had been for the past 650,000 years ( ). They found rising sea levels that were inundating the South Pacific Islands. The found a slow march of drought and increasing world heat. They found that 97 percent of all scientists agreed with their work in 30 organizations.
Another modern conservative political group began to deny Texas Climate Change by re-stating the 1600 quotation, "I am not a scientist, but..." and Dr. Galilei was ridiculed and denounced. Perhaps he will be forgiven in 400 years.

Weekly Rainfall = 0.14" Cumulative Rainfall = 31.90"
Departure From Normal = -3.74"
Tarpley Glen Rose WL = -47.22'
Bandera Hosston WL = -438.04'
Hondo (USGS) Flow = 0.76 cfs
Williams Flow = 1.18 cfs
Medina (USGS) Flow = 14.00 cfs
Medina (USGS) Lake = -89.42'
High (F°) = 71º
Low (F°) = 41º
12-22-14 @ 8:00 am