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Thursday December 14, 2017
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1922 receipts

Doug White

There I was going through some old boxes, specifically cigar boxes, and I came across these receipts from October 1955! They were beer distributor receipts and a Coca-Cola receipt for Earl's Café, Pipe Creek, Texas.
At this time there was a little white building across from what was Ed Jennings' store, more recently known as the Junction Café, at the intersection of Highway 16 and FM 1283. The little white building is long gone, of course.
A name on the Pearl beer distributing Company receipt was McGregor. His son was Gabe Anderwald. I went to school with his granddaughter, Karen Anderwald Hensley.
According to the receipts Pearl beer was costing $3.45 per case for bottled beer. Cans were running $3.50 a case. A case equaled 24 each.
Bottled beer was cheaper than canned beer. Remember, these were not aluminum cans.
The brands on the receipts are Pearl, Falstaff and Lone Star.
Coca-Cola was selling for $2.40 a case back in 1955.
Sometimes you never know what you're going to find in a cigar box.
Had there been any cigars in there, they would've been almost 60 years old!
I hope you enjoyed the story.
Happy New Year!