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Thursday December 14, 2017
The Courier is Celebrating the Christmas Holidays!
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Thanks for giving

Judith Pannebaker

By Bob Jamison

This has been Helping Hand's most fun time of the year. I really want you to share in the joy because so many of you gave toys, food and gifts to give to your less fortunate neighbors, all in honor of the birth of our Lord. The Star family gave food and gifts to Helping Hand instead of giving to each other. Another family gave a bicycle that brought tears to the eyes of a single mother making minimum income to give to her child.
We gave away boxes of gifts and some boxes of food to 94 families, and as I write this column, still more to be given. I don't know who cried the most with tears of joy, our staff or the families receiving the gifts. Houses formerly void of any gifts became houses of Christmas laughter because of the giving hearts of the people of Bandera County. So many receiving their box of gifts thanked us profusely, and we pass their thanks on to you, the faithful givers of Bandera County.
In addition, we helped the usual number of families who suffered a crisis. Two people we helped with their electric bill: A single mother with two sons living only on her child support income, and a single man who had a heart attack and lost his job.
A house caught on fire and burned up the kitchen. The single mother with two children living there got out safely, and the Red Cross gave them temporary quarters. Helping Hand gave them clothes to wear. The family lives on the mother's disability income. They plan to return to the home which they rent. The owner will have to replace the kitchen with his insurance.
Such a blessed end of one year makes us look forward to 2015. We face a world filled with chaos, but the New Testament tells us the disciples faced the same thing. Maybe every generation faces similar difficulties. But as long as we help one another, sharing the love, faith and forgiveness you have demonstrated, I believe we can look forward to a blessed year in 2015.