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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Yanking & banking

Doug White

The above term is one that I use when I describe riding my '02 Harley Sportster XL1200 Custom motorcycle!
I had no idea of how much that I would enjoy this wonderful Harley Sportster. Yes, is it not a cruiser and the ride might not be as smooth as a Cadillac car. But it sure gets me where I want to go and in fast order, if necessary.
There where a couple of times that I needed to use that powerful 1200 cc motor to separate from a vehicle following pretty close to my rear. I would see my right turn coming up and as the NASA folks would say, "Throttle up."
I would put that high test fuel to work and get a safe separation from the tailgater and make a safe right turn.
I tell folks at work that I love getting to work before I left the house when riding that Harley! Also, no health club for me, no sir, I just unplug one of the spark plugs and away I go. By the time I arrive the city limits of Bandera by way of Pipe Creek, I lose five pounds every time!
The folks I tell that little story to love it! Anyhow, I have heard that Harley's are bad news after a certain amount of miles. Mine has 27,000 and runs like it had just broken in! Burns fuel, but not bad; does not burn any oil.
Preventive maintenance is the key to any motorized vehicle no matter what it is!
I have heard horror stories about Harleys, and I am very pleased that I have NOT experienced any of them!
I really don't think some of the stories I've heard are true! I do know that no matter what type of motorcycle/ scooter, etc., you ride, you had better respect it even though it will not respect you. That might be one reason that I purchased engine guards for my motorcycle. I have tested them out a few times and they do work! It also makes it a lot easer to pick up a fallen 400-pound plus motorcycle!
You must drive defensively, a 400-plus pound motorcycle stands no chance of survival against a one thousand plus pound vechicle! Every time I ride my Harley, I treat it like a military mission; I hope to survive to do it again tomorrow! Maybe a bit extreme for some folks, but that is just the way it is for me.