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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Bandera County Animal Control

This cutie is Bailey, a real cowboy-type dog that's available for adoption at the Bandera County Animal Control Facility, located on Highway 16 North. Bailey - aka #649 - has a personality that's just as cute as he it. This special dog already has that Cowboy Capital of the World look down pat, all he needs is a red bandana. Bailey's young, smart and full of spunk. If you're looking for a sidekick, Bailey won't disappoint. We can picture him looping along side a horse and rider - except, of course, in the Hill Country State Natural Area where all dogs must be on leashes at all times. Bet Bailey will have a red bandana before he finds his forever home.

Lili Marlene
Another dog available at the county pound certainly resembles Sgt. Stubby, the most decorated dog that came out of World War I. Stubby's twin sister - or perhaps his great-great-great-granddaughter - is available for adoption now. As the photos attest, this brown and white pittie blend absolutely loves everyone. And, as we can attest, she's definitely a people-person dog whose butt never stops wiggling when someone pays her attention. Lili Marlene, or #697, as she's known in the animal control facility, is not a flashy dog, but she promises to be loyal and love her two-legged companion forever.
To set up an appointment to meet either of these great dogs, call Animal Control Liaison Becky Bradford at 830-796-4075. We promise you won't be sorry and you'll get your crown in heaven!