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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Paying it forward

Judith Pannebaker

Assistant Center Director Laura White shared a heartwarming story that happened last week. With the bitter cold we were experiencing, we had a huge demand for propane, especially among the elderly who live on fixed incomes. We sent a man from Propane Depot to tend to these people, so he realized the need.
However, he also serviced paying customers. One such woman tried to give him a tip when he filled her tank. He declined, asking her to spend her tip at Helping Hand to cover the propane for those who could not pay. The woman was so moved she came into Helping Hand with tears in her eyes and gave us a large check to buy propane for our neighbors in need.
We recently learned that El Jacalito Restaurant donated food for the shoppers who volunteered to sort the toys for our partner organization, Spirit of Christmas Presents. The Bandera United Methodist Church hosted the toy sorting and wrapping in their fellowship hall.
Many thanks to all! We are truly blessed by the wonderful outpouring of generosity we witness so many times.
We need space heaters, as well as warm clothes, blankets, coats, and socks. We are low on all food items.
• A single mom, who is also taking care of grandchildren, recently had her hours reduced at her job. She needed help with her electric bill. We kept her power on.
• A woman came in needing help with the electric bill. Her husband was in an auto accident and not able to work. We kept her power on and gave them some groceries.
• A woman with three small children fled an abusive situation. We put her in a motel for a week so she can find a place to stay and a job.
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Helping Hand or shop at our Thrift Store, come to 1116 12th Street in Bandera or mail to PO Box 1092, Bandera, TX 78003.
For more information call Helping Hand at 830-796-8300 or visit our website at