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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Fun high school

Feather Wilson

Do you think high school should be more fun and less academic?
Should the school offer less reading, math and science and limit homework?
High school education goals are the precursors to steady increasingly technical employment in the future adult world.
Approximately 500,000 15-year old students were tested last year in 34 countries in Europe, Asia and the United States. Their math, reading and science scores were then ranked and compared by country.
The United States 15-year old students ranked 17th in reading, 26th in math and 21st in science.
The good news is that the U.S. spends more money per student than most countries. Texas spends $8,562 per student compared to the national average of $10,591. Texas ranked 31st out of 50 states in math and science. But, Texas is No. 1 in providing college football players.
Child and parental poverty may have something to do with lower rankings as well as income inequality. Another factor may be attributed to cultural factors that are not present in other countries.
A college degree is out of the question for about 70 percent of the US high school students due to escalating tuition costs, politics and self-discipline. Only one is five who enroll in college will finish.
A broad education is imperative including liberal arts, but it all takes, parental support, discipline and work along with a little fun.

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