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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Purr-fect cathouse

Doug White

There I was, wondering what in the world to do with all my feline friends for this winter. The summer was no real problem. However, with the temps reaching a low of 13 degrees. I knew I had to come up with a good plan for my kitties.
Well, a few years ago I purchased a greenhouse for my better half. It just sat there with no real mission. Well, yes, it had a mission, I just didn't help to complete it. I never got my act together to have our plants in there all year long. That was a bit of a waste of a great greenhouse.
All good things come together for a reason. I needed a good shelter for my cats and that vacant green house was the answer. I got to working on the floors and laying carpet and installed an old time oil heater.
Gee, those cats are going to have it better than me in a few days! My good ol' rescue dog Toby has a pretty good shelter, in the old smoke house, but no heat like my cats! If he knew that the kitties had it better then him, he would not be a happy camper. However, Toby does have a good dog bed that sort of makes up for the other cat bonus!
The photo was taken prior to the carpet being installed with a heater. You see above some white cat legs. That would be Axle, with his brother Winkie, then below you see Digit, left rear, then Elvis in a cat bed, with Boots in the box! They all seem to like their new enclosure.
In fact, it was good enough to entice a stray cat to join them later that I call Buddy. He rushed in the shelter one morning during feeding time. Now, I can't get him out of there. Looks like good ole' Buddy, will be a part of my "cat house family."
I also have a couple of baby strays not pictured that have adjusted just fine. One is a beautiful gray and white tabby and the other one is a solid black long hair kitten. They are so cool to watch playing with a soft toy ball. They chase that ball for hours around the cathouse. The solid back kitten loves to play with a little blue ball that makes a rattling sound. The other cats just sit and observe the little black kitten play.
I had no idea that the green house would turn out to be such a success with my feline friends!
I hope you enjoyed this week's story.