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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Brown smokes Flying L links

Charles Prokop

TS Eliot would never make it as a Texas meteorologist. Eliot claimed that "April is the cruelest month," but anyone who hangs out in the Texas Hill Country will tell you that April is full of sun, warm breezes, and wildflowers. It's the stretch from December through February that can be cruel.
We probably should give TS a pass on his knowledge of Texas weather, though. It's highly unlikely he ever spent time playing golf around here. We certainly have no record of his scores in the Good Old Boys archives. And if he played any golf in his adopted home of merry old England, April might have been pretty cruel.
The Bandera cold fronts this year seem to have settled into a pattern of hitting just before the Good Old Boys Monday tournaments. Several Mondays have been too cold and wet for golf, and conditions have to be mighty miserable before this crew of loonies calls off a day on the links.
On even the nastiest of days the Flying L pro shop is likely to fill up with hopeful Good Old Boys staring at the thermometer and checking the radar, hoping against hope that the sun will ride in on a warm southwestern breeze. When the weather warms just a touch the Boys are out on the porch, surveying the parking lot and speculating about who will and won't show up. You can be sure that a good crowd will appear.
Ted Brown isn't one to let a little cool weather keep him off the golf course. He's much more likely to be outside than inside in any weather, whether he's playing golf, hunting, or working in his garden. The Bandera resident displayed his winter golf prowess by taking first place at the recent Good Old Boy tournament with a 5-point round of 81. Brown filled up his playing partners with homemade sausage, so we didn't mind graciously stepping aside and granting him an easy path to victory. A little perfectly smoked sausage can go a long way toward soothing the sting of defeat.
"Walkin' Jon" Curry is known around town for his musical skills, and he's starting to get a name for himself as a golfer. He's been playing regularly with the Good Old Boys for the last month or so, and he collected 4 points from his 94 to take second place. Medina's Larry Kirk shot 99 for 3 points and tied for third with Bandera's Brad Osburn, who shot 92.
Tournament Director Charlie Thomas of Center Point gave everyone a Christmas present by offering four closest to the hole prizes for the day. Yours truly, Charlie Prokop of Pipe Creek, took advantage of Thomas' generosity by taking the prize on number 2. Charlie Thomas opened his own present by winning number 7. Jon Curry added to his fine round by hitting one close on number 12, and John Palmer of Bandera won number 17. There were 15 players in the field.