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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Carolyn B. Edwards

I hope that 2014 will be a year when some of us whiners and complainers will "get over it," as the Eagles advise us to do, and get involved in projects that will take us beyond ourselves.
According to the Bandera Community Foundation, Inc.'s website, there are over 200 nonprofit organizations in Bandera County.
Whatever your interests, there is sure to be one that you can find it in your heart to support with your time, money, muscle and good will!
If you think education is important, check out the Bandera ISD Education Foundation which raises funds to support grants to the district's teachers for special projects and equipment. They're having their annual Baubles and Boots fundraiser this month, too.
There are fine libraries in Bandera, Medina and Lakehills that welcome volunteers to help out. Perhaps your best work in 2014 will be as a Friend of the Library.
If you enjoy sports, get involved with the great folks who continue the good work of maintaining and expanding the Bandera Sports Complex. There are always kiddos around who need a little financial help in order to play, so write some checks or help out with the fundraisers for Little League and Soccer League.
The high school booster clubs would also welcome your support.
The Boys & Girls Club of Bandera County offers well supervised educational and physical activities for lots of kids both after school and during the summer. Contact them to find out whether you can help as a volunteer, or donate needed supplies and equipment.
If you like the outdoors, Bandera County has three gorgeous state natural areas. Each has squadrons of volunteers who help with trail maintenance, special events and more. The newest, Albert & Bessie Kronkosky SNA, has need of cedar cutters, bird counters, fence builders, amateur and professional biologists, botanists, zoologists and more.
If animals are your special love, 2014 may be the year you join the Animal Welfare Society of Bandera County, Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Brighter Days Horse Refuge, Triple H Equitherapy Center or other groups and individuals who work to rescue animals and find them the care they need.
You can help our older residents by volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program at the Silver Sage Community Center. Put hands and feet to your faith by serving at Bandera County Helping Hand and the Arthur Nagel Clinic.
Want to learn more about local history and help preserve it? Call the Frontier Times Museum and get involved with their projects throughout the year.
So, as my good friend Mike's sign says, "No sniveling!"