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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Muscovy duck

Bill Ellis

Muscovy ducks were domesticated by the Maya, Aztec and Cherokee as a source of food and feathers. Muscovys are the largest breed of ducks in the world and are related to wood ducks. The Aztecs were more interested in turkeys and left few records of raising ducks.

Muscovy duck bones have been found in Mayan archeological sites dating from 100 BC to 800 AD. The Inca rulers sent ducks to Pizarro as he advanced on the Incan capital. The Inca had ducks in about 1000 AD and the Spaniards took ducks back with them to Europe. Today, 70 percent of the ducks eaten in Europe are Muscovy ducks.

Muscovy ducks are high in flavor and low in fat. They are good fliers but poor swimmers. Males range from 10 to 15 pounds and females are generally five to seven pounds. They have sharp claws that enable them to roost in trees. They are distinguished by a bright red circle around their eyes and a bright red crest above their heads. Wild Muscovys are black and white, while domestic ones are blue, blue and white, brown, brown and white or black and white.


Salsa cruda or Pico de gallo
Dice and Mix:
2 lg. tomatoes
3 lg. jalapeños
1 sm. onion
2 cloves garlic