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Thursday December 14, 2017
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More bad news!

Feather Wilson

It was reported very recently that with the accelerated rate of global warming, it is expected that sea level will rise 3-feet by the end of this century.
Those Galveston and Port Aransas fans may not have a beach by 2100.
The new levees and gates around New Orleans will have to be raised.
The cost to major coastal cities will be enormous and many may not be able to afford to maintain certain areas. Millions of people will be displaced.
If carbon dioxide atmospheric levels reach 450 parts per million, it will trigger partial melting of the arctic tundra and begin to release millions of tons of methane into the atmosphere. The methane release will substantially increase the rate of global warming and climate change. The present level of atmospheric carbon dioxide is hovering around 400 parts per million.
Warmer sub-marine currents will also begin to melt frozen methane hydrate muds along the Gulf Stream, which will also add to the green house problem.
No political entity anywhere on Earth is willing to tackle or stem the problem. Science to them is akin to the occult. Besides, it is not going to occur within their political tenure.
If one considers the United States Congress, it does not matter if it does not occur this month.
Perhaps all of this sea level rise and very warm years will have to happen before any action takes place. Incidentally, 2102 was reported to be the warmest year on record across the United States.
The 3-foot rises now exceed the 2007 estimates due to recent observations in Antarctica and the Greenland ice sheet.
Has it been worse in geologic time? Yes it has been far worse, but there were no people around living in coastal communities.
For the past 400,000 years the carbon dioxide levels averaged about 250 parts per million. Beginning about 1870 these levels began to rise exponentially due to an explosive increase in population. Oil and gas discovery and use caused an exponential explosion of invention, better health, more food and civilization.
Can anything be done to stop the increase or subdue greenhouse gas?
Yes, but it will very expensive in terms of labor and economics. It will probably not happen.

Weekly Rainfall = 0.09"
Cumulative Rainfall = 3.14"
Departure From Normal = +1.42"
Tarpley Glen Rose WL = 39.12'
Bandera Hosston WL = 431.27'
Hondo (USGS) Flow = 0.97 cfs
Williams Flow = 1.48 cfs
Medina (USGS) Flow = 32.00 cfs
Medina (USGS) Lake = -72.75'
High (F°) = 69°
Low (F°) = 28°
01-17-13 @ 8:00 am