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Thursday December 14, 2017
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How to be a Good Old Boy

Charles Prokop

Freezing temperatures and high winds kept the Good Old Boys off the course last week. In anticipation of the warmer weather that's sure to come, here's a little primer on becoming a Good Old Boy for any and all who may be considering joining this happy crew. New players are welcome, and it won't be long before you feel right at home with some of the best golfing friends you can find.
There's no age requirement to join. Many players are retired, but anyone whose work schedule allows for golf on Mondays or Wednesdays is welcome. The Monday tournament is the most heavily attended, but a group of die-hards also plays on Wednesdays. Tee time is 9 am. If you're a new player, show up by 8:30 and tournament director Charlie Thomas will get you signed up. If you already know some players and want to play with them, that's fine, or we'll find you a group to play with.
You compete against yourself in our modified stableford format, so everyone has a chance to win. You earn 1 point for a bogey, 2 points for a par, 3 points for a birdie, and 4 points for that rare eagle. Double bogey or worse earns no points, so you can pick up on a hole when you reach double bogey. After three rounds your average score will be established, and you compete against that target score in your next round.
Your target score will change after each round you play. If you play worse than your target, it will be easier for you to make points the next time because your target score will go down by one. For example, if your target was 18 points and you earned 16, the next time you play your target will be 17.
If you beat your target score you'll earn a share of the pot, but it will be harder to make points in your next round. Your target score will go up by one-half of the additional points you made. If your target was 18 and you earned 22, you made 4 additional points and the next time you play your target will be 20.
There are also prizes on at least two of the par 3 holes for being closest to the hole with your tee shot. There may be additional closest to the hole prizes on some days if there is an unusually large number of players in the tournament.
The pot is made up of the $6 entry fees. The size of the pot depends on the number of players, and the payout for each point depends on the size of the pot and the number of points made by the entire field. If it's a tough day and few players make points, points are more valuable than they are on a day where a lot of players make points.
We'd love to see you become a Good Old Boy. If you have any questions, call the Flying L pro shop at 830-796-8466.