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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Going deep

Feather Wilson

Where is the deepest well bore in the world?
It is on the Kola Peninsula that juts out into the Baltic Ocean. The Russians drilled a well to 40,230 feet (7.61 miles).
The well was drilled for science. The Russians started the well in a metamorphic terrain. No sedimentary rocks were drilled. There was a theory put forth by a Princeton University physicist that all methane (natural gas) or most of the methane found on Earth came from the mantle.
The Princeton University physicist was wrong and US geologists knew he was wrong. No methane was found or even any shows.
The well took 19 years to drill. It was essentially a drillers and scientific welfare well that took from 1970 to 2005.
One very important invention did evolve from the welfare well.
If you drop 40,000 feet of drill pipe down a hole, it has the consistency of wet spaghetti.
The Russians came up with an idea to place the power down the hole. In other words, they pumped mud down the hole that turned the bit at the bottom of the hole. The drill pipe did not turn, It just hung in the hole like wet spaghetti and it worked.
They called it a down-hole motor. Today down-hole motors are used routinely in the deep shale gas wells of South Texas.
South Texas Eagle Ford drillers have about three down-hole motors on location at any one given time at a cost of about $500,000 each. They are very effective at drilling horizontal holes out to about 12,000 feet.
Natural gas or methane and associated oil and condensate (natural gasoline) are derived from small bits of organic matter known as kerogen trapped within the shale. Hydrofracking induces the fractures to collect all of the oil, gas and condensate out to about 250 feet and flow into the well bore.
Organic geochemistry controls the cooking or natural refining of the hydrocarbons in the subsurface. North American geologists knew this long before the Russian well was drilled. The Russians did contribute the down-hole motor that allows the horizontal wells to be drilled in 15 days or less today.

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