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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Everything is six degrees from Bandera

Carolyn B. Edwards

It always amazes me that no matter what happens out there in the wide wide world, there is always a connection to something or someone right here in Bandera County.
When the tsunami struck Japan, a family in Wharton's Dock worried about their daughter, caught up in the midst of the terrors.
When Sandy struck New York, a family in Pipe Creek worried about their daughter, stuck in the middle of flooding and power outages.
Often it's surprisingly little things. While "training" on my new computer with the Linux operating system put together for me by Mickey at Indian Creek Internet Services, I mentioned to Marion that I preferred Mannheim Steamroller's music for Christmas over Trans Siberian Orchestra.
"I used to transcribe music for [Mannheim Steamroller's] Chris Davis," said Marion. "That was before there were computer programs to do all that."
Following the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary, I was thinking that we don't treasure those connections in our lives enough. We get busy with our jobs, we go home and watch TV, we forget to stay in touch.
It's a shame because it's so easy to keep in contact with people these days, with email, text, unlimited calling or Skype, as well as old fashioned snail mail. Boy, do I love to get something in my mailbox that is not a bill or junk mail!
Face to face is the best way to re-connect with people. I love it when an old friend drops in to say hello.
RD Whiteside, formerly of Pipe Creek, and now of San Antonio, came by to renew his subscription. RD's son was diagnosed with cancer in both eyes. I was amazed when he said his son's vision is now excellent due to the wonders of modern medical science. After surgery, treatment and being fitted with special contact lenses that covered the entire surface of the eye to reshape it, he was able to not only "see the trees, but the leaves on the trees!"
Patty Hundley keeps in touch through a website called Care Pages, where friends of former BISD superintendent Charles Hundley learned that he was able to return home in early December after over a year of rehab following a vicious car-jacking attack in Dallas in November 2011.
Mr. Klein from Pipe Creek stopped in before Christmas to show me some pictures of his parents' grocery store in old New Orleans. He had enjoyed reading my columns about shopping in those old stores in the "good old days." The photo of his dad behind the counter could have been taken at Wolters Bros. Store in Shiner prior to the 1950s.
Mr. Klein shared a story that went something like this:
One day a man came in the store wanting to buy a sack of beans.
"That'll be $4," said the storekeeper.
"Four dollars!" the shopper exclaimed. "Jones' Store sells 'em for three!"
"Well, you're welcome to go buy them from Jones."
"He's out!"
"Well," responded Klein's dad, "I charge $3 for beans when I'm out, too!"