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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Mikie Baker

Though my house at the Dancing Dog Ranch doesn't quite measure 2,000 square feet, the master bedroom is rather large. When my eyes first fell on this huge empty space, I was certain my king-sized bed would fit nicely with plenty of room to spare. Evidently, I'm an idiot.
I grew up in The Big City where most houses had a spare bedroom. In our family, this was supposed to be a guest room, but always doubled as an office and storage for all my Mother's sewing, knitting, gift-wrapping and junk. My mother just loved the pack rat life. Occasionally she was forced to clean it up for a visiting relative.
The Dancing Dog Ranch also has a spare bedroom, but it's actually set up and used by guests. When you live in the country, you can be assured you'll have city visitors who want to escape reality. In fact, I have dubbed this room the "Dancing Dog Ranch Suite, Aviary and Movie Studio," as it has two nice chairs, a writing desk, a birdcage and a DVD player. I can easily make it into a Day Spa by adding a jar of scented body lotion and a carafe of iced cucumber water to the nightstand.
I understand that most rooms in a home function in many capacities, but I never figured my bedroom would be much more than a place to sleep and a "stabin' cabin." Unfortunately, I can barely find my bed with all the other rooms I'm stuffed in here.
Raised on a twin size mattress, I only sleep on one edge of my oversized bed. Still, it looks pretty and this is a bedroom after all - I think. Directly across the room from the bed is the desk where I do my writing. It's my dad's Drexel Heritage circa 1960s design complete with a leather top. Even if I didn't use it every day, it would be one beautiful piece of furniture. Once I chose to place this desk in my bedroom, the room grew into a bedroom-office.
But I didn't stop there. To the left of my desk sits the "Copy Center" which includes a printer, scanner, color copier and fax machine all rolled into one. Thank goodness it's only one machine. Just past that is what I refer to as "The Den" as this is where the TV sits. If it were HDTV, I'd have to call it "The Media Room."
To the right of my desk sits the ultra hip record player that plugs into the computer so I can record my 3,000 some-odd albums and listen to them on my iPhone. Though it's gathering dust and has yet to be hooked up, I refer to this as "The Recording Studio."
I also have an old metal OTIS Elevator cabinet I found at the dump. This classic is "The Office Supply Closet." On my nightstand is "The Nail Salon" complete with cuticle cream and pumice stone. On the other side of the bed is "The Scent Shop" complete with an array of candles ready to use on a romantic moment's notice.
Finally I've hit the wall. I've crammed one last room into my bedroom - "The Dancing Dog Ranch Gym." For Christmas I was blessed with a wornout, extra loud - but still working - treadmill. I've just realized that if I add a small refrigerator and an ice machine, I'll never have to leave because attached to the bedroom is "The Ladies Powder Room."
This ranch living is definitely for me.