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Thursday December 14, 2017
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Happy New Year!

Doug White

Before I get started on this week's article, I want to wish all of you a Happy 2013!
I was going through some old camera stuff and came across a few "floppy" disks. Gee, I believe they are about extinct.
A couple were marked Kerrville 1999 parade! My hopes were that the photos were still good and might show the Chicken Car in very rare form - without it's head. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.
You see that was the year that I accidentally took the head off, one day prior to the parade. As I recall, I was having the oil changed prior to the parade and I was asked to drive the car down a narrow alley to the back of garage while they were checking their computer for the oil change history on the Chicken Car.
I didn't see an overhang from part of the building and hit it about one half of a foot in. The clearance was just not there. It took the head right off the car!
I was very shocked and sick at the same time. Everyone that witnessed the event, gasped. I picked up the head and put it on the passenger side of the car and headed for the main office.
At first no one else believed my story and the owners of the Chicken Car were out of town.
After I got in contact with the owners, Ron and Janice Bowen, their reaction was just laughter and they were not mad. Their only concern was to get in touch with the owner of the building and get an estimate for the repairs ASAP!
Man, I thought my Chicken Driving Days were history!
Janice, however, got on the phone and said, "Doug, you are not going to get out of tomorrow's parade because of this." I could tell she was trying to keep from laughing. I was actually the only person that was upset.
She continued, "I have a huge Halloween pumpkin leaf bag at the house." She wanted me to use it in the parade.
It turned out to be about the right size for the car and it looked pretty cool with a black cat printed on it. All I did was add some spider webs and horror music for the parade.
Amanda Garrett, the secretary at the time, came up with the name, "The Legend of sleepy Kerrville."
Well, I completed the parade and it was a hit.
Everyone thought we took the head off on purpose. We were awarded third place on our entry.
I was amazed that everything went as smoothly as it did.
This all happened on my fifth year of driving the Chicken Car. Now I am coming up on my 19th year of driving the number one Chick.
The experience in a word, is "SUPER!"
I hope you enjoyed this week's story.