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Thursday December 14, 2017
The Courier is Celebrating the Christmas Holidays!
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Helping Hand serves many and various needs

Judith Pannebaker

Following the holiday break, Bandera County Helping Hand is now open and ready to serve our clients. Our Thrift Store is available for you to get some amazing bargains to stretch your Christmas gift dollars to their maximum buying power.
• A single mom is disabled. She has applied for Social Security disability and food stamps. In the meantime, she needed help with her electric bill and she had nothing for her children for Christmas. We kept her power on and provided a Christmas meal for the family and toys for the kids.
• A struggling young couple ran out of propane in the last cold front. We filled their tank to keep them warm.
• A single mom has a daughter in school. The school nurse referred them to us because the girl obviously needed some visual assistance. We referred her to an optometrist who works with us. We paid for her eye exam and her new glasses.
• A woman, whose husband left her, moved here with her several children to live with relatives. She has applied for food stamps and disability. While waiting, she needed some food and we provided her with groceries.
• An older woman had run out of her prescription and needed her medication. We worked with a local pharmacy to get her meds for her until she can get a refill.
• Another single mom recently moved here with nothing. She has a job but had nothing with which to decorate her house for Christmas. We gave her an artificial tree with ornaments. She remarked, "God always provides." Indeed, He does.
We still need a treadmill. We can also use coats, jackets, sweaters and blankets. These cold fronts have created quite a demand.
• If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Helping Hand or shop at our Thrift Store, come to 1116 12th Street in Bandera or mail to PO Box 1092, Bandera, TX 78003. For more information call Helping Hand at 830-796-8300 or visit our Web site at