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Thursday December 14, 2017
The Courier is Celebrating the Christmas Holidays!
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Christmas Eve with Good Old Boys

Charles Prokop

Let us all mourn the death of Silly Season. There was a time when the holidays brought the best golfers in the world together for games that looked like the games the rest of us played, as long as we squinted real hard and overlooked the quality of the golf. We could watch Lee Trevino needle Jack Nicklaus as Jack lined up a birdie putt. We could laugh as Fred Funk put on a skirt after being out-driven by Annika Sorenstam. But Silly Season is no more.
Now the top players take the holiday season off. If they play at all, they travel to Australia or the Far East and collect big bucks for a golfing vacation. Silly Season was a reward for the best players, a chance to earn some extra cash before tournament purses ballooned to stratospheric sums, and today's best players don't need that extra cash. They've won plenty and just want to take a break or an overseas trip, all expenses paid.
When Jack Nicklaus won the Senior Skins Game, a long-time Silly Season event, the 65-year-old Nicklaus said that the $340,000 check was the most he had ever received for playing golf. This comment came from arguably the best golfer in history, a man with over 115 professional victories and more major championships than any other player. Today, the winner of a single weekly tournament on the PGA tour can easily collect three or four times as much money for that one victory.
We Good Old Boys are a generous bunch, and know the golfing public misses the fun of Silly Season. In an attempt to fill that void, we dutifully sacrifice the time we might otherwise devote to untangling strings of Christmas lights or trying to get Frosty the Snowman to stand up straight in the front yard. Instead, we trudge out to the golf course and force ourselves to play a round of golf with our fellow martyrs. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.
Christmas Eve found 20 dedicated Good Old Boys toiling away at the Flying L. After a difficult struggle in light winds and bright sunshine, three players emerged to claim their spot at the top. Gary Manning of Bandera made good use of his time between the classes he teaches at Wayland Baptist University and earned 5 points and medalist honors with a sparkling round of 76, highlighted by birdies on 6, 13, and 17.
Not to be outdone, Bandera fire marshal John Stith got in a little early fireworks of his own and turned in a 5 point round of 82. Kenny Seurer made a name for himself last winter when he came down from the frigid plains of South Dakota to raid the Good Old Boys coffers. Seurer refreshed everyone's memory by tying Manning and Stith with 5 points from his round of 90.
Dave Jackson of Boerne proved he's a golfer for all seasons, silly or otherwise. Jackson won the entire pot a few weeks ago on a day of screaming wind and cold, and he shot 98 to collect 3 points on a Christmas Eve of perfect weather. Points were worth $6.